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Motherbird.com never was about a person. It’s not about one now. The person who founded it, Summer Breeze stayed in the background like all of the great internet publishers. Motherbird.com is about seeking world peace and personal peace through poetry, children, mothers, sunshine and flowers. It is about an idea that poetry can be sentient and that poets suffer in so few words because they care so very much.

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Poem – “One True Belief” by Ron Olsen


One True Belief
by Ron Olsen

Our  struggle is meaningless
For those who truly believe
In their one version of the truth

The New Testament’s revenge
A pipeline’s purpose
Fuels a climate change denier’s anger
Crying out for more and not less
Of that which hastens our demise
As they wait for evil to blanket the world

They know it’s sure to happen
It’s a certain thing
For those who truly believe
In their one version of the truth

For centuries running
They have seen the end coming
It’s just over there
Almost in sight now
With absolute certainty
That they are right
Once again

Even though they’ve been wrong before
Every time
Time and again
And then time again

They’ve even set dates
Only to be wrong
And still they believe
In myth over metaphor
Interpretation over fact
Having more impact
On government and culture
Than any of us knows

Creating the certainty
That only self-fulfilling prophecy
Can deliver to the collective mindset
As the approach of Armageddon
Makes caring meaningless
To those who truly believe

Making us
Our struggle childish futility
In their eyes
Even while we hold the keys to salvation
For those who dare admit
That we might succeed
At pulling ourselves from the fire

For those with the courage to believe
That we might not be irrelevant after all
That we might be our only best hope

Even as God whispers in the ear
Of some enlightened fool
Who, after a pint of his favorite brew
Sets yet another date
For the rest of us to burn in hell
And demands that his local congressman
Must do the same

© 2015 Ron Olsen/all rights reserved


Ron Olsen is a Los Angeles based writer.   More of his poetry can be found here.

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Government Regulation Net Neutrality and Ted Cruz By H. E. Hasben

“Old men ain’t got no courthouse to whittle at anymore where they can poke their skinny finger and rant.”……H. E. Hasben
The Negative Consequences of Net Neutrality Explained in 2 Minutes

The entire discussion of Net Neutrality buried in two minutes of bullshit about big bad government regulations. I seem to remember something about Comcast and a fast lane, Ted.
That black phone you are pointing to? Is that the one for which the monopoly charged me five bucks rent for twenty years, and wanted it back, then charged me because it was broken?
Is that a cell phone you are holding? Are you saying that the black phone dudes would have brought us the cell phone if we had just gotten off their backs? Could it be that the citizens demanded that we keep them from gouging and that created the regulations? Could it be that breaking that monopoly helped to create the innovation?

Regulations hurt innovation?

I spent my whole engineering career increasing the energy efficiency of air conditioners, meeting new regulations for energy standards. We cut the weight in half and increased the efficiency of the product by a factor of three. The regulations spurred innovations like the scroll compressor.

The Brazilians have no catalytic converters on their cars, no regulations. The industry didn’t add them on their own. We got seat belts, airbags, crash dummy tests, fuel efficiency and cleaner air because of government regulations.
Smart action spurs industry. To say that big bad government regulations hurt innovation is absurd.

I’ll state it bluntly:


The industry had to be dragged crying and moaning to the courthouse to get seat belts and catalytic converters for our cars. So very often, regulations occur because the people demand that industry stop hurting us.

The best example of capitalism at work with regulation is the nursing home. It’s a company who takes care of your grandmother. Unregulated they hire enough people they think is necessary and maximize profits. You find dried poop and move her, and find dried poop again and demand that your representative do something. He creates regulations that say how many people must be there to take care of your grandmother. He creates state inspections. The owner of the nursing home might promote people like Ted to make overly generalized speeches like this about how big government and regulations are hurting you. Dried poop.

Regulations and government itself should be there to say:

Make your profit. Your profit and free enterprise are what has provided a better life for us all. We do have a few things that we must require. We’d like it it a lot if we could have a seat belt in our cars and, if you don’t mind, we’d like it very much if you put enough people there so, when grandma presses that button, someone comes.


What side of Net Neutrality are you on, Ted? Both sides make the same speech now. You stole our speech and you are with Comcast and the others who want a fast lane? “The Negative Consequences of Net Neutrality”? WTF does that even mean, Ted? If you could have said something about putting God back in our government, it would have been the perfect speech. The last batch went in on that and we didn’t get God, we got pipeline. Are we piping Him in?

but i digress

I ramble because you didn’t say anything or take a position that I didn’t have to infer. Are ye fer it or agin it? This guy blows so much smoke, I thought a steam engine was going through. That causes old men to point their skinny finger and ramble, Ted.
Oh but I’m too harsh. I’m the ultimate jack off, biting and clawing at this man. Where is Hunter S. Thompson when you need him? You tell’em Hunter. Oh he’s gone. Damn!

The people who told me to love it or leave it need to take their own advice.

Government Regulation Net Neutrality and Ted Cruz

Government Regulation Net Neutrality and Ted Cruz



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World Peace Poems A Search for Peace

peace poets

Our search for Peace will update itself and change much like the real search for personal peace and world peace.





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Poem: The Great Obliviators by Ron Olsen


The Great Obliviators
by Ron Olsen

Stuck in Afghanistan
Without an exit plan
While drones fly
Where no soldiers need go

All this after
And now Syria, too

We were warned this would happen

The glorification of war
Never-ending militarism
Not to be questioned
Or risk being accused of being less than American

Ike told us it was coming
Back in 61
The “rise of misplaced power” he said
The Military Industrial Complex
Now it’s here

Eisenhower, knew war
Those who now make war do not

But they are locked in
Not about to let go
As imperial America
Bites down
On the world

A pit bull in every yard
An urban assault vehicle in every garage
A gun in every drawer
Pepper spray in every purse
To fend off neighbors
Against the oncoming imagined apocalypse

ISIS beheadings
Plastic sheeting to cover your windows and doors
Smallpox in the mail
Sarin in the subways
Hijackers on our planes

The necessary threat

Without it, there is no fear
And without fear, no motivation
Without motivation
No public funding

Keeping the prophets of fear
In power
Cash fat sociopaths
Caring only for themselves

Gutting the middle class
Keeping the nation at war
To satisfy the greed
Of those whose greed knows no satisfaction
Only the need for more

© 2015 Ron Olsen – all rights reserved

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