Dreaming Back the World Poem

Magic Fish- Dreaming Back the World

Dreaming Back the World


The talking heads who

Would destroy the magic

Lived inside my mind

Too long

They sneered at paper tigers

Other charms I had

To ward off evil demons

While I slept.


And all the dragons

Turned back into windmills.  There

Was no writing

On my paper sword.


The dragons took their fire

When they went away.

It’s hard to love or hate

The cold bleak structures

Littering the landscape

In their place.

We paint the colors

In ourselves.


And King Tut’s throne

I saw

Was really just the carcass

Of a long forgotten tree

With paint

And shelf life that would

Make a Twinkie proud.


And I myself became

A case, a vote, consumer

Human resource

Number on a census page,

And paid my taxes

Right on time

Stuck in limbo

Squashed between

Some other lonesome robots.


But now, I want to see

The iridescent spirits

Play among the leaves

And weeds of summer.

I want to see the

Snail trails sparkle

On the morning grass

And think they’re beautiful.


I want to feel again

some scorching heats and

Passions, exiles

Banished long ago

By common sense and logic.

I want those trolls

To get back under bridges.


I want to be

A person once again

And climb the beanstalks

Rage at giants

And believe that

Dog spit makes it better.


I must pack up

Those dreary demons

Logic, and his

Henchman Fact

Stick them back into

Their books and close

Their closets, two locks,

Maybe three

And only I

Possess the key.


And now, from down

Another road

I see the Tiger

Beckons me, and

Elves smile welcome

As I peek around that

Ancient corner in my mind.


I know I can reenter

Once again

The magic wondrous place

That knows no chemistry

Where I can think

and dream the world.


Apr 9, 2012

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All Of That And More – Poem by Ron Olsen

All Of That And More Poem

All Of That And More
by Ron Olsen

Popped the top
Poured it slow
Against the side of the glass
Forming a perfect head of foam
Hitting my tongue
Tasting the past
Taking me back
To a slower time
In so many small towns
We knew them all
They were our youth

My big Pontiac
Nearly off the snow covered road
So many times
Driving blind
On instinct alone
And the grace of God
Seeing us through
To maybe get lucky
On a Saturday night
In the frozen north

Through the haze
We’re there again
An ancient bar
Salted peanuts and purple pickled eggs
In Lake Henry
St. Martin
New Munich
A few others
Names forgotten in the fog
All the same
A big Catholic church
A John Deere dealer
A beer hall
And a house or two

Pull another tap
The boys at the bar
Draining it dry
Telling lies
Laughing hard
Before the band stopped playing
And the sun came up
And the girls went home
And Izzy locked the door

I drain my glass dry
And the past dies again
A time we could understand
A time we could feel
Enough time, for you and me
To drink our fill
And maybe die behind the wheel
Or, if we were lucky
To cheat death one more time

Thinking we were so much more
Than we really were
Only we really were
All of that and more


©2015 Ron Olsen – all rights reserved

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First Words by Red Slider




Why should anyone love a month that celebrates something that beckons you to follow it for the rest of your life and probably leads nowhere or, at best, you’d have done better going somewhere else?

First Words

Can we afford to forget
first born words
that clawed their way
from a virgin larynx,
gasping for breath,
reply to a question
we could not hear,
crueler than Sphinx,
it had no answer,
would not release us
(once born)
from the grasp

of death
came nearer
nearer until
no response

but to scream
into the ear
of the world.

Should we remember
just how violent
the gain of language,
forced upon us
from the first,
in deceit
in pain
in honeyed
training words
practiced again

until rapprochement
had been achieved
by stealth, by aggression

we learned to deceive
in turn

and turn

to pretend surprise
that words of love
are so easily betrayed?

That first sightings of accord
so easily collapse into
the savagery of war?

That soothing speech
makes so remarkable
the poignancy of pain?

again and again.

That we will die
in the choke
of our own sounds;
that much is assured
and then, perhaps,
be silent?
not this vocalized
open-beaked species.

Given the chance,
it will scream from
the throat of hell itself,
given the chance

beating its wings
against the glass
of silence.


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Expat Weed by Dandelion De La Rue

expat flower poem
Expat Weed

Sidewalk cracks and
rocky mountain slopes
rooftops roadsides
rotten stumps and rubbish piles
the little expat flower
grows, and thrives.

It didn’t want
to be a garden flower
so carefully arranged
by garden governments
where it would have
a standard job:
be pretty, be useful,
don’t talk to
or dandelions
drinking chlorinated water
eating  measured
sheep manure.

And so, when still a seed
it ran away
to join the weed world circus.
It hitchhiked
on a random wind, a river
a sticky gecko foot,
to talk to other weeds
unlike itself
drinking river water
and eating handy street food.

Wordsworth’s daffodils
were all the same
fluttering, dancing, collectively
powerful in their
vastness, their sameness.
But I don’t know
those daffodils
who run in herds
they are, to me,
after awhile,
a boring yellow blob,
pretty, but all the same,
like Hollywood starlets.

I like this little expat flower

that knows the wind,
and the river
a weed, in the
cultivated world,
but a beauty
in the chaos of reality.

expat poem

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Spirit Not Book

Abraham called.
he said
“What book?”

and John
dropped by.
They said
they wrote it down
as best they could
and got the gist of it
but can’t be expected
to have remembered
every word exactly
even a day




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Summer Breeze

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