Silent Rape – A Poem By Ron Olsen

Silent Rape
by Ron Olsen

Cameras on the corner
Drones with eyes above
The NSA listens in
To sounds of hate and love
Copying your email
Your every movement followed
Credit cards leave a trail
Of dinners out you’ve swallowed

A module plugged into your car
Locates you in a flash
Telling the company where you are
And whether you’re likely to crash
Where you are
And are likely to be
And forever
Stripped of all privacy
At the pull of a government lever

Your life in public files somewhere
You’re nailed to the wall
Who you are and want to be
Medium, big or small
They have your profile
From the Net
Your tendencies
Propensities, too
Health records
Potential for disease
Everything’s targeting you

Your willingness to do as your doctor says
Your voting and trips to the loo
Who you like
And don’t
And why
Who you’re listening to
Your philosophy
And spiritual needs
Each and every detail
They’ve got it all
They’ve got it pat
They’re riding you on a rail

All you’ve done
Or failed to do
That book you bought on line
An association with Karl Marx
Means you’re no longer prime
All you wanted was a read
But it’s turned you into a threat
For the billionaires who buy the polls
And track you on the Net

An average selection
Of a new generation
Accepting it as their norm
Naïve to the truth
That the freedom they have
Might be lost in the oncoming storm

©2015 Ron Olsen/All rights reserved

Ron Olsen is a Peabody and Emmy award winning journalist, essayist and poet.  He lives in Los Angeles.

Boxcar Willie, Woody and Freight Trains

Boxcar Willie and Woody and Freight Trains

Oh there ain’t no more boxcars
for Willie and Woody to ride
No hobos in containers
as the freight train rolls by
They could ship themselves from China 
but they wouldn’t get much air,
take the last train to Clarksville
but they couldn’t get out of there
Oh they don’t have to hire no railroad dick
and you can’t catch the train cause it goes by too quick.
Oh what’s a hobo to do
what’s a hobo to do
stand on the street and sing the blues
thumb don’t work and the cop says move
This modern world don’t feel no pain
and only graffiti rides that train




Poem and video by David Michael Jackson

ODE TO DAVID by Daisy Sidewinder

Wait for me
under a tree in Wales.
I’ll find you
when we’re both free
to dance in the fields
where Mad Welsh poets
once wandered, thinking.
Where minstrels sang
of courage and love.

Wait for me.
We won’t be young and carefree.
No, we’ll be
sanded by time
Lines for laughter past and future
Nicotine stains, chipped teeth
voices raspy
The way we were
When we loved most and best
When we wished we’d met sooner
Or had more time.
When we knew that all the others
were just friends or lovers.

Wait for me
Under a tree.
Dance me into eternity
With you.

Jesus is Coming

Jesus is coming.
Jesus is coming.
Jesus is coming.
He’s going to step out
on that mount of trash
and speak.
He’s going to walk from plastic to plastic across the water.
Jesus is coming.
He’s going to grab factory chickens
and feed the multitudes.
Jesus is coming.
He’s going to say, “Come, I will make you trash collectors of men.”
He’s going to walk into our temples and turn over tables.
He’s going to tell the Christians to clean this mess up.
He’s going to say, “That’s not what I said, that’s what they remember.
You miss the point,
Never mind.
The guy in the cave, btw
was nuts
Prophets were never Gods
Clean this mess up.
What have you done to my earth?”


Dreaming Back the World Poem

Magic Fish- Dreaming Back the World

Dreaming Back the World


The talking heads who

Would destroy the magic

Lived inside my mind

Too long

They sneered at paper tigers

Other charms I had

To ward off evil demons

While I slept.


And all the dragons

Turned back into windmills.  There

Was no writing

On my paper sword.


The dragons took their fire

When they went away.

It’s hard to love or hate

The cold bleak structures

Littering the landscape

In their place.

We paint the colors

In ourselves.


And King Tut’s throne

I saw

Was really just the carcass

Of a long forgotten tree

With paint

And shelf life that would

Make a Twinkie proud.


And I myself became

A case, a vote, consumer

Human resource

Number on a census page,

And paid my taxes

Right on time

Stuck in limbo

Squashed between

Some other lonesome robots.


But now, I want to see

The iridescent spirits

Play among the leaves

And weeds of summer.

I want to see the

Snail trails sparkle

On the morning grass

And think they’re beautiful.


I want to feel again

some scorching heats and

Passions, exiles

Banished long ago

By common sense and logic.

I want those trolls

To get back under bridges.


I want to be

A person once again

And climb the beanstalks

Rage at giants

And believe that

Dog spit makes it better.


I must pack up

Those dreary demons

Logic, and his

Henchman Fact

Stick them back into

Their books and close

Their closets, two locks,

Maybe three

And only I

Possess the key.


And now, from down

Another road

I see the Tiger

Beckons me, and

Elves smile welcome

As I peek around that

Ancient corner in my mind.


I know I can reenter

Once again

The magic wondrous place

That knows no chemistry

Where I can think

and dream the world.


Apr 9, 2012