Ancient Kilns and Pottery History

Surely the kiln goes back to early man and the discovery of fire which enabled the invention of pottery. Early man use the hearth to warm the cave and cook his food. In this way he discovered the hardening of clay with heat. The invention of the kiln needed the invention of the bellows and someone clever enough to notice the effect of blowing on the fire. It wasn’t until the Neolithic age 10,000 years ago that the first known fired pottery objects were were created.

The first kilns were simply pits where objects were placed between layers of fire. Over the centuries installation was added and better ways to produce higher temperatures with the firebox below and of the with the flue damper in the top to control the temperature. Simply because he traveled up this was a way to produce more even temperatures and higher temperatures which eventually allowed glazes.

Stoneware and porcelains were perfected by Chinese Potters and their message spread to Japan and Korea.

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Pottery Kiln Basics | For Beginners

The pottery kiln is one of the earliest inventions. Pottery shards have been found in the earliest gatherings of people. These days the pottery or ceramic kiln has brought the craft and art to thousands. People still use fire based kilns to produce work that is beautiful for the natural flaws that can create a beautiful finish. The modern kilns produce work that is more controlled and the art of the glaze and the potters hand is foremost. Six Ancient Kilns is the postwar description of ancient Japanese Pottery.

The Qianshu Kiln is over 350 years old and is one of China’s ancient “Dragon Kilns.” It’s located in Yixing, East China, and it dates back to the Ming dynasty. The kiln is made from soil and ceramic bricks……

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