Fever | Indian | Secondary Fundraisers | Poems by Laura Close

Fever Indian Secondary Fundraisers


About this fever I’m not apathetic.
Carrots might help. I need a credible
Complaint. Is there anyone more careful?
He tries to make me upset. Optimistic,
he tries at what he is about. Memento
and relic, a reminder of plumage
from the great Phoenix, our advantage
merely an investment of time. Ratio
between kin to kind. I do not exclaim.
There’s a lot more to it than security,
finding the necessary guards, carefree
and built. I have limits, a user name;
our dreams roll around in the subconscious;
and of others’ dreams we become envious


Native blood
Touches native blood.
Indian, or Itailienne?
All I ask is for some
Language, to distinguish
And not the loveliness of a culture extinguished.
In the end
Not all believing in Mother Earth and Grandfathers,
Everyone only heard of San Martino
Not all lands, only some.


Secondary Fundraisers

“If your old don’t try to change yourself, change your environment.”
~B.F. Skinner
Let’s throw a party to support wildlife. Antennae
headbands will be a requirement. Circles of fine
men and women, environmentalists, will be there.
Clear plastic cups and cutlery made from recycled
materials will inspire us. Eyelashes elongated by
Maybelline, and lids sporting psychedelic, metallic
eye shadow will make all the women look more like
butterflies . Sidling up next to the token CEO, our
prettiest organizer will flash her pearly whites while
holding a glass of champagne demurely.

Shoulder to shoulder, when it is time to dance, we
will step first one direction, then the other, following
the Native American chieftain that we’ve hired for
the occasion. Our decorations must have all to do
endangered species and national parks, etc. Roads
will be a secondary concern for the government.
for a few months. Interpreted signs will be the talk
of the town. Accessories handcrafted by artisans
will be on display or given as party favors. That
will be the party of the year. Older folks will love it.



Laura Close was awarded the MFA degree in Creative Writing from George Mason University.   She is the author of the manuscript Sound and Sense of Leaves (2010)  and T Party (2012), published by iUniverse.  Her poems have also appeared in Raga Zine and Jerry Jazz Musician.