Interviewing Covid 19. A Video Poem by Tony Martin-Woods

This video is meant to provoke your thoughts about the nature of living beings, both Human and not Human, particularly as the conflict with each other. Equally, it questions critically Poetry and Journalism.
The poem itself was written on 20 April 2020. it has appeared, both in English and Spanish, in different formats in Poetry Life and Times, which is edited by the poet Robin Ouzman Hislop. There is also another interview video in Spanish, published in June 2021, less elaborated than this one.
I would like to remind everybody how important is to be vaccinated and to protect ourselves and others against the virus.
With thanks to all those who are working to control this horrible pandemic and those who spread quality information, not fake news.
Author of the video, texts and poem: Antonio Martínez Arboleda.

Antonio Martínez Arboleda:
Antonio (Tony Martin-Woods) started to write poetry for the public in 2012, at the age of 43, driven by his political indignation. That same year he also set in motion Poesía Indignada, an online publication of political poetry. He runs the poetry evening Transforming with Poetry at Inkwell, in Leeds, and collaborates with 100 Thousands Poets for Change Tony is also known in the UK for his work as an academic and educator under his real-life name, Antonio Martínez Arboleda at the University of Leeds. His project of digitisation of poetry, Ártemis, compiles more than 100 high quality videos of Spanish poets and other Open Educational Resources. .

He is the delegate in the UK of Crátera Revista de Crítica y Poesía Contemporánea , where he also publishes his work as translator from English into Spanish. He published his first volume of poetry in Spanish, Los viajes de Diosa (The Travels of Goddess), in 2015, as a response to the Great Recession, particularly in Spain. His second book, Goddess Summons the Nation Paperback , Goddess Summons the Nation Kindle Edition , is a critique of the ideas of nation and capitalism, mainly in the British Brexit context. It incorporates voices of culprits, victims and heroes with mordacity and rhythm. It consists of 21 poems, 18 of which are originally written in English, available in print and kindle in Amazon and other platforms. Editor’s note: further information bio & academic activities can be found at this link:

Robin Ouzman Hislop is Editor of Poetry Life and Times at ;
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