Two In The Campagna | Poem| by Robert Browning

Two In The Campagna
by Robert Browning


I wonder do you feel to-day

As I have felt since, hand in hand,

We sat down on the grass, to stray

In spirit better through the land,

This morn of Rome and May?


For me, I touched a thought, I know,

Has tantalized me many times,

(Like turns of thread the spiders throw

Mocking across our path) for rhymes

To catch at and let go.


Help me to hold it! First it left

The yellowing fennel, run to seed

There, branching from the brickwork’s cleft,

Some old tomb’s ruin: yonder weed

Took up the floating wet,


Where one small orange cup amassed

Five beetles,–blind and green they grope

Among the honey-meal: and last,

Everywhere on the grassy slope

I traced it.