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Fee diddly dee, a welder’s life for me
A box of rods
A welding screen
A pair of gloves to keep me clean
Fee diddly dee, I’m appy as can be.

2nd verse
Fee diddly dee, a welder’s life for me
A spotty hat
A blue cravat
Look at the gap, I’m not welding that!
Fee diddly dee, I’m home at half past three!


Tell me, tell me learned elder,
How may I become a welder?

Let me be an honest toiler,
Let me only weld a boiler.

My imagination boggles
At the glory of the goggles,

Welding mild and welding stainless,
Welding welding, ever painless,

Firmly held in jigs and fixtures,
Nobly fluxed with cunning mixtures…….from Welding poems

Welder in Murfeesboro