Rebuilding These Millions

by Cornelius


      Taste of
           Soup, &
      Falling from the sky
      Daring parachutes.
      Itís a single-written
      With both feet
    In different worlds.

      Special members of
      Distinct Gatherings, have told me
      To be no god forgotten
      Of these issues
      Posted on the
      Daily articles
      Measured by
      Numerous lounged

      So did the penny whistle
      In late 57
      Bring a bargain trade
      To the evolutionary
      just a sudden impact
      from Italian patterns
      or volcanic

      Itís just a hint of advertising
      Clubbed on these
        Late June,
      As a matter of fact
      Was the month of my

I am 19 years old male and a student at Gothenburgís University, Sweden,  studying religion. That has nothing to do with my words though. Iím basically a product of different kinds of perception. Influenced by experimental poets such as for example Cummings and Beckett, also the dada-Surr-movement with names like Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball and Bunuel. All kinds of art-appearance of suggesting form. Iím originally up grown in the northern parts of Sweden. A town called Östersund. I was borne in Umeå.
to Moongate