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Poets Interview Poets | Poem


Poets Interview Poets


Vivekanand Jha interviews Jayanta Mahapatra

Arbind Kumar Choudhary interviews R.K Singh

Ward Kelley interviews David Jackson

"It is from outside that the poet works, always taking a step back for observation,
peeling the cover off the sardine can, so to speak." - D.J.

Summer Breeze interviews David Mitchell

"The only way that poets can really make a difference is by altering the way that language
represents reality in the farthest, dimmest recesses of consciousness." - D. M.

Daisy Sidewinder interviews Ken Peters

"...ephemera can be an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual act." - K.P.

Ken Peters interviews Robert Erman

"I think the poetic process is like levitating icebergs. You have to lift up the
entire sentiment to get that little tip to the surface on the page." - B.E.

Tom Coffin interviews Daisy Sidewinder

"I love the planet and I love wandering over it. I like plants, animals, rocks
and mountains as friends, not as members of other species." - D.S.

Ward Kelley interviews John Horváth

"Poets online are leading us from nation state into the new global culture. Without poetry, it is global
but business as usual. Online, poets can change how and when we come to KNOW one and other." J.H.

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