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Heartpeace In Four Part Harmony | Poem


Heartpeace In Four Part Harmony

Heartpeace 1

do i hear the seminole 
count count 
beat beat beat 
ancient caretakers of this land 
land of forever longing 
for heartpeace 
here and there 
i do 
do you? 
- Summer Music
Heartpeace 2

The heart is a humble beast 
who will always hesitate 
to credit itself for inspired 

actions and passions; instead 
it is mostly bestial in its 
reactions and moods, for 

it will spring, it will devour; 
it stampedes into any field 
that appears lush, unheeding 

other predators hidden at 
the rim. No, it will beat 
and beat mindlessly, then 

feed and feed, never satiated, 
always unaware of enemies 
until attacked and wounded . . . 

then, only then, will it remember 
it is a humble beast and not to 
be blamed for its misdeeds.

- Ward Kelley

Heartpeace 3

The heart knows when
Blood and air meet only
In the rhythm of
Simple being,
In those places where
Life begins:
There lies the realm
Of all hopes
For peace.

- David Mitchell

Heartpeace 4

I cannot hear the peace
In the roar of 

the drums

I cannot see the peace 
in the brightness of

the bombs

I cannot taste the peace
in the bitterness of 

the hatred

My heart cannot feel the peace
in the rough textures of

the street

And I cannot smell the peace
amid the tears of

the gas

such rocky souls we are
when children gather to throw

rocks at 


- David Jackson

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