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Editorials and Snipettes, Moongate Internationale | Poem



Mike Glover Responds to Robert F. Kennedy Jr,

A New Mission for America by Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner tries to fries Friedman
or Pen Chant rebutts Billy Bonner

Smoke Screens

Kevin McIlvoy


The Optimism of Uncertanity

from Howard Zinn


Ken Peters:

rogue terrorist states (axis of evil)

a milestone that went unnoticed

Advice for the Pretenders to the Presidency

Columbus Day

Inequity A Form Of Violence

Infinite Justice

Frank Anthony:

Faith of Our Fathers

Ante Bellum Status Quo

The State Before the War

Shame on Me? 

 Six Questions We Must Answer

In A Hand Full of Dust

Bush Inc: The Killing Machine

Leave It To the Company Store


Gerald Baker, Financial Times, on C-SPAN, Main topic: Argentina: Excerpts

Vijay Prashad

Shrouded by Flags

Nancy Markle:

Diet Drinks Anyone?

David Mitchell:

Gun Control, Trees, Drugs, Organized Crime

Martin Lee:

Dispatch from Anthrackistan

13 Questions For President George W. Bush

Food Fight

The CIA's Worst-kept Secret

When John Paul II was shot in St. Peter's Square

More Speech Is Not Enough

The Pentagon's People Zapper

Far Right Violence Soars In Germany

Women and Children For Sale

The Triumph of Neo-Racism

Election Post-Mortem, Florida and the Nader Factor

Rebecca Duncan:

Cinderella with the Prince… : Towards a Partnership Model
and our Potentialities — Living Happily Ever After


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