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Poetry offerings from Abuela Musica | Poem

recited by Summer Breeze with David Jackson on guitar

Of Gods and Dogs

why does not -- our humane society -- include humans
there are hungry neglected humans among us
crippled in body and/or spirit

but they are not even humane to dogs
zillions of dogs getting the gas chamber every year
any one that loves dogs can tell them
what a dog would prefer
-- would say --
"Ship me to those cultures who eat dogs
at least they don’t eat me alive."
"Better yet, stop enabling us to reproduce
so many throw aways."

oh throw-a-way-cultures
how easily we discard one toy for the next
pretending happiness --
learn that dreams do come true
even after we give up wanting and turn
to yet another attraction
"be thoughtful of what you wish for"
our elders caution
and William Payton, writing from death row writes
"As individuals WE MUST discover
at some point we are spiritual creatures
designed and destined to learn that
love is the source of all life. If we don’t learn
then we have not achieved the purpose
of our existence."

- Abuela Musica

6 September 1999

animated eagle and moon




not knowing last, we can at least know best

i wish

full moon reflecting

rocking in my sitting chair

to know not else but love

turkey day

turkey after math

first we wonder then we wander



wind drumming

thus far as we have made it

no stones unquestioned

as one


Ode to the Walking Wounded

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Almost Spring

Spring Is

April 1st

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the day

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heys you

if i cry like a motherless child

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