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Waves crashing against the rocks
Against the shore, 
Washing away the sand and shells
That lie there.
A monotonous  sound
Never settling down to stop
The continuous cycle,
Wave upon wave
Washing away the memories
Leaving only the sand
Scattered over the shore
Castles and towers
Washed into the ocean 
deep and wide.
Outside the night is cold and dark,
The stars shine continuously
Without much notice to many.
Too busy to notice outside
We rush hither and thither.
Not seeing much of what has brought us here.
Outside the sun shines brightly.
Gives us what we need to live.
We only live inside
To play
To eat
To work
To die
Where is the outside we forget?
Where are the majestic mountains
The clear blue oceans
The wide-open sky?
They are outside…

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