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.... .A poem a day
                                  15 August 1999


This outdoor pace, amazingly revealed
At the end of pavement and traffic snarls,
Tonight still spills with life.
Across the sand blue water rolls,
White sails lean into song -
Carousel waltz, drums from the bandstand,
Drone of waves on shore,
Antiphon of water and air.
Children dig, or run, or fill their mouths with
           frozen custard.
Lovers and friends walk the green-mantled ground
Beneath great sweeping trees.
Raven and gull speed through blue air,
Swirled with white clouds, sprinkled with sparrows.
All up the road people are still outside,
Savoring the crumbs of summer's long farewell,
As scarlet blazes cross the dimming sky -
A dance in the dark
A kiss in the park
A tune for the heart
To keep like flowers pressed between the leaves
          of memory
To comfort us till love
And birds
And summer come again.

- Dawn

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