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 . .A poem a day
                                    17 August 1999

blushing blue lavender pink dawn touchs my heart
as a lover might with sudden appearance make one gasp
each grey hair describes one step - each line some road taken
Mozart's tinkling piano bids the dawn farewell fading
past horizon of my vision so soon 
the Morning Star has dimmed

i would be the human ears for trees
invisible them before the lumberjack
would turn the raven's eye from the blazing sun
take all fears into my human heart and scrub them
in the coming clean, rinse in sweetgrass oil

to be alive one day without fear or enemies or desires
what company might enter singing, sharing
and leaving never leave?

such sorrow in memories of lost chances remembering
when dirty dishes, hammers & nails were toys
there is sweet in sorrow, ask the bitterfruit

then along comes jake with his spontaneous song
to pass over the emery

- Summer Music

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