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CindyD | Poem



Cindy Duhe

Artist's Bio 

        Cindy Duhe was born March 3, 1980 in the wonderfully humid city of Houston, Texas.  Art has always been a fond interest of hers, but, drawing and painting have only become recent enthrallments of her time;  since about December of 1998.  Before that, she always admired the abilities of such artists like Bouguereau, Escher, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Gorey, and Van Eyck.  Now, her days become sprawled out with many activities at hand; painting, writing, composing music, and lifting weights.  She is truly a beatnik; a healthy one. 
        One avenue in which she gets paid money is as a voice actress for Japanimation cartoons.  Aside from this, she enjoys volunteering at her old elementary school with the kindergarteners.  They bring her a new sense of joy and a keen eye for beauty of life...something that seems to be all but forgotten in the current times.  Her goals in life are to be fulfilled and with enough food in her belly to keep her 
muscles strong.  Other than that, there isn't much more to achieve. 

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