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Longing To Wonder

  The longing, the confusion, the fear, 
         in many different ways. 
  The crying, the tears - longing to understand life 
         with passing days. 
  The longing, the pain, the fear dwells in vain as 
         I awake every day. 
  The pain, the longing, the loneiness. 
         Hoping its not the same. 
  Longing to wonder if my life will ever be. 
         Wispering, hoping - A guide i need, 
         A gentle hand, a warm glow. 
  Crying tears. Needing help through my loneliness, my fears 
         Longing to make everything clear. 
  Haunting, loneliness, fear, just a wisper, just a tear... 
- Rick Garthwaite, jr


I am a novice creative writer and live in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvinia

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