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July 24, 1999

by Anissa Marsa


The mind is a shifting
Planet, thin surface skin
Supporting cities, crops,
Wars and waters that
Seem stable and eternal.
Fault lines, known and
Unknown, expand or
Contract, leaking molten
Unease and leaden
Uncertainty as bubbles
That snap and hiss,
Background tinnitus.
Occasional eruptions,
Scalding, devouring all in
Range, are merely blips
Pn a soular sonar screen
Tracking amplified
Brainwaves, predicting
Massive mental tectonic
Movement, not far behind
The superstructures of
Routine and sub-routine,
Rumbling into the unconscious
And boiling into dreams
Filled with lava and ash
Covering colossal, skeletal ruins.

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