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  civilizations older than imagination 
  decline gracefully 
  in sweltering rain forests, 
  their ruins still somehow nobler 
  than current Asian architecture

by T. H. Keyes 
Chiang Mai, Thailand 
3 April 2000

  Tantric odes to liberation 
  sung in dissonant melodic tones 
  provide background music 
  for restless youthful hordes apocalyptic 
  chemically inspired 
  tuned to cyber mechanics 
  dispassionate holo-images
  tiny orchids and furtive flowers 
  fill the spaces amidst urban clutter, 
  joyfully reminding aging poets 
  of eternal Nature, fallow 
  beneath crass cemented enterprise, 
  silently keeping the frantic daily hustle 
  slightly in balance with the moon

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