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Alice's Adventures in Capitalism | Poem


Alice's Adventures in Capitalism

Twinkle twinkle little GATT

How I wonder what you are

I think perhaps you're much too fat

To be a shining star.

I see you sitting on an Alp

With GMOs and NAFTA

I watch you dance I see you sneer

I hear your evil laughta.

The World Bank watches from its throne

A vulture at its side

Just drop your freedoms by the door

He'll take you for a ride.

Eat me, Drink Me cries Monsanto

Feeling wild and frisky

Money grows as choices shrink

It's not so very risky.

The emperor has lovely clothes

The press was heard to say

But little Alice in the crowd

Decided not to play.

The emperor is naked

He's just the rich boys' clown

They're nothin but a pack of cards

And they can tumble down.

- Daisy Sidewinder

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