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  Breathless child, wild mane flying
  in the breezy sail of time --
  where is a harbor safe for you?

  To plead for you to "slow down"
  when the smile of promise
  glows in your face, is to ask

  burning stars to shade the light
  that fires your search for a future.
  Run, jump, stretch your legs, Now!

  Our lives spin with your commotion!
  Licking patches of grass like a fire,
  You are the glorious, radiant sun

  Here to wake us from our clouds.
  Shout out about life's Here and Now --
  Quick, Girl, skid into my heart,

  kindle in me your love of change!
  I catch the feather of you that is me,
  then with a swing, free who you will be.

- Deborah Finch

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