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Artifacts From the 20th Century | Poem

Questions of their origins 
Molds from which they're cast 
They dug me up not long ago to learn about their past 
Noisy picks to stab the Earth 
Shovels bite the ground 
My timeless sleep would soon give way beneath their frightful sound 
They robbed my grave and stole my bones 
They reassembled me 
To answer all the great unknowns which haunt my century 
Some grand museum on a hill 
Five thousand four AD 
I proudly stand here on display 
and watch you watching me 

Others from my ancient time 
To keep me company 
They bring new bones in every night and build a friend for me 
Memories we seem to share 
Former glory days 
The distant roar of battle sounds which set the world ablaze 
We reminisce throughout our nights 
We mock you through our days 
You self-assured utopians who left behind our ways 
You tell yourselves you rose above 
the violence we wrought 
But here we stand because of you 
to mark the wars we fought 

Clothing that was found with us 
Withered from it's age 
A uniform to warm me up and help reset the stage 
Bayonets and ammo belts 
See us on patrol 
A rusted helmet on my skull to hide the bullet hole 
Be careful though of touching us 
These tools that we made 
Use caution lest I maybe drop my rusty hand grenade 
A rifle aimed between your eyes 
Some bodies at my feet 
The crimson paint upon my boots 
to make your scene complete 

Fascination haunts your eyes 
Sense the world we made 
Feel connections with your past through ambiance conveyed 
Hear the tempting battle sounds 
Listen as they grow 
The dying screams of ancestors three thousand years ago 
Our eyeless sockets watching you 
Our silent, morbid grin 
Disgustedly you leave our realm but then return again 
You dream of nightmares when you sleep 
You think of us each day 
The carnage that we reveled in 
The bloody games we'd play 

Hypnotizing innocents 
Children come to see 
They touch my rusty M-16 and dream of being me 
Pacifistic hypocrites 
Check your peaceful mind 
The violence you speak against but cannot leave behind 
Infatuation shows itself 
Weakness in your heart 
We notice opportunities for new campaigns to start 
We grinning skulls of yesteryear 
This happy bone patrol 
We now invade utopia 
We'll occupy your soul 

© MadGerman

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