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Banquo's Dagger: The Interview
by Paul Kesler
Q: You seem to have been hovering here in this castle room for quite a while, right?

A:  About 400 years, yeah.

Q:  Does this have anything to do with the Weird Sisters?

A:  Can't say. It might, but it's probably secondary.

Q:  Secondary?

A:  I mean Macbeth got this bee in his bonnet after the Sisters reeled off that gobbledegook about swiping the throne. Before that, he was an OK dude, but then he turned psycho.

Q:  And just what is the relationship between you and the Sisters?

A:   None. I never saw 'em ---- Banquo was the only guy who saw 'em --  er -- I mean him and Macbeth. But the way they ranted really griped my ass. I mean it was like howling, a barnyard.

Q:   So why did you.....

A:    Follow Macbeth? I didn't, it was Banquo's idea, with maybe some help from the Sisters.

Q:    But everybody thinks you're an illusion, like Macbeth was just imagining.....

A:     Well, obviously I exist -- I mean Banquo didn't lug me around for nothin'. But the truth is, Banquo was invisible during most of that scene, I mean he was there, but Macbeth couldn't see him 'cause he didn't want to.

Q:     You mean you were both there....

A:      ....he didn't imagine me. He got a look at those bloody locks, and he just blanked out. At that point even a knife looked better. I mean, he always hated blood, and it spooked hell out of him.
Q:     So as far as Macbeth was concerned, you were left floating....

A:      Uh huh. 

Q:      And what's going on these days? How come you're still hanging 'round?

A:       Look, I'm just tryin' to get back what that bastard owes me. He checked out four centuries ago, but once in a while I catch a glimpse of his shade sneering at me from a window. 
           Once I even caught him building a fire in the courtyard ---- he looked up a few seconds and threw a branch at me. I guess he thought he could set the place on fire. Fat chance!

Q:      So just what is it you want? 

A:      A  piece of the life I had. My scabbard, for instance ---- you know how cold it gets in this castle? It's like stealing a guy's bedclothes. I mean just 'cause you make it to the top's no reason to swipe someone's blanket, is it?

Q:      But do you really consider yourself much of a threat? Like, what can you do that you haven't done already?

A:       Well, what have I done? Nada. Zilch. He keeps prowling around here day after day, making these corny faces and taunting me. Just wait'll I get him in a corner. All that armor won't mean a thing.....

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