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The Sister Creature | Poem


The Sister Creature

What can she do that I can't do? 
What can she say that I can't say? 
Why do they embrace her like a goddess? 
Why do I feel this surge of betray? 

How can she always get me in trouble? 
And have them on her side? 
Why am I always the one who gets grounded? 
How can she be so bright? 

Why is she always the one who is prettiest? 
How on Earth can she get all those friends? 
Why is she always invited to parties? 
Is it because of her "miraculous" amends? 

Why is she always pulled ahead? 
Why am I always left alone? 
Why does she always get the best share? 
Why am I left to cry and moan? 

Will I ever get my justice? 
Will I ever find my peace? 
Or will this sister creature always 
Get what my heart truly needs? 

But still she is the sister 
For whom I'll always care. 
I'll always, always love her 
Even though we don't always share.

- Barbara Kasbergen

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