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When Worlds Unite | Poem

When Worlds Unite 

 When worlds unite 
 Peace will win the fight 
 The stars will shine 
 And life will  change fine 

 When worlds  unite 
 Humanity will find a new light 
 Helping each other 
 Holding hands for better 

 When worlds  unite 
 Life will feel alright 
 She will sing again 
 As earth becomes heaven 

 When worlds  unite 
 Man will reach a new height 
 Overcoming the past 
 Misery ending at  last 

 People of all worlds 
 Listen to my words 
 We are still separated 
 Peace only comes if we are united 

 It's time we understand 
 That it means to take a stand 
 It's time we clean our bloody hands 
 And call our enemies - Friends 

- Ben Moubarak

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