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23 October 2002 John Mohammad the Tarot Sniper is captured.
23 October 2002 the FBI announces a threat to our railroads by al Qaeda.

blatant lies and blunderings

13 December 2001 - from the 'amateur tape' bin said 'they' knew they were martyrs
they didn't know it would be a building

"the beloved you've lost
the one you've been seeking outside
can only be found inside"
picture of Osma bin Laden
picture of George W. Bush
 created target profiles for our terrorists
 created target profiles for our terrorists
 does not think in a box
 thinks in a box
shoulda took a picture where the helicopter crashed
shoulda got rid of oil holdings and at least looked clean
stated that there were no Jews in the WTC
dropped bread that looked like unexploded bombs
called war holy
called war a crusade
claimed he killed American military
claimed proof Air force One was a target
Both Ben and Bush

claimed the other was:
evil doers
killing innocent civilians

to Moongate

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