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cloud and mountain exchanging domains
covered in shadow this granite sweats
thin veils trail east when the sun returns
and the world is not really as we are told
always we get water from stones
volcanoes brought the oceans to term
their spouting steam made earth's belly round
though much they erupted time has worn down
under sunlight and moonlight
storm and calm
surviving hells of their descent
with organic molecules packing their heads
comets crashing made the salt seas swell
and lost their tails at the end of the ride
to this there is no witness but deduction
a talent we actually may have gained
by waiting for lions to leave their prey
then cracking the marrow bones
with stones
all this intelligence
just to sneak up on garbage
clouds are spilling through a gap in the ridge
they boil into the valley like a waterfall
so quiet here
the ears roaring with heartbeats
try to make sense of the cloud cascade
then between the ears illusions spill
until the mind finally empties
and the heart grows quiet
sitting like stone

Copyright 10/98 Robert N. Erman

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