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Ode to Madame Butterfly (my pet cat) | Poem

you for


Your long black shiny fur,
your expressions sublime,
an attitude oblvious to time,
give you the air of royalty, it's true,
but to call you a queen
under-describes you.

To watch you walk with the wind on your feathered tail,
Flowing with the breeze like a silken sail,
Is a privilege to anyone blessed to see
the pure essence of divinity.

Did I mention the way your fur stops
right about the ankle above the paw tops
like Cossack pants,
your tiny feet to enhance
and give  you an unusual gait
that resembles a catapillar dance?

Galloping and clowning
when we go for a walk,
meowing and trilling
with joyous cat talk...
Such love you add to my life through the years.
Such friendship, such comfort with sharing tears.

From you I learn the secret of success
is spending each moment in "beingness".

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