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come play with me | Poem


sweetgrass wafting autumn harvest
sighs with love divine, unspoken
candle light observing darkness
holds a world expectantly...

here in dark of dawns prebirth
comes a whooshing whooshing...
angel wings still flutter softly
'round the hearts of mortal man

birthing pains in nut shell open
releasing seeds to fertile Earth
even ice melts in the furnace
of the river rushing forth

time stands still but only shortly
or long if one is standing still
what clings us to a backward motion
releases as we boldly step

into the shoes of our own making
flowers need but once to bloom
in this garden of human faces
is delight of wonder...meant

hoards of angels' singing voices
praise the passing, evening light
praise the birthing day to be
unclung to old miseries
"here," -- they gently touch my shoulders
first my left and then my right
"wings invisible will fly now
to the love that's pulling you."

all love is a pulling, tugging
to what calls a heart to play
see us here all tugging, pulling
one big clam shell open, closing

will you come & play?

- Summer Music


painting by Janet Jackson, flowers

painting by Mary Janet Jackson

from the collection of Chris Carmichael

to Summer  ~  Moongate

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