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A star upon the brow, a tear upon the crown, 
a drifting scent of rose not visualized 
we all have miles to go as we weep 
let's pick them up and set them down our feet 
our heart, our head must do the walking 

The stranger at the door may be Van Gogh Beethoven might desire a private life
"Please let me in before I freeze!" 
(911 Big Brother removes unwanted child)
Ferlingetti crying...the AWE, where is the AWE 
child-bright-star wish-twinkling-awesome spirit 
lifting-alive in the presence of love
remember how they filled our eyes & heart?

the Goddess & the God now share dark secrets 
no temple or cave 
no mountain fallen to mankind's foolery 
water dead in acid rain killing all of life
buying bottle water & still we are not moved 
hot house rose smelling of toxins 
monosodium glutamate makes us want more 
alcohol distilling Sapiens brains 
our personal enemy is the test here 
even buttons clearly seen
does not give license to be pushed 
by any self-selected Erectus fool 
nor by Sapiens without Sentient 
"Let's get real," he says, "and outta my face" 
now flinched & flailing now walrus heart

what was asked for has been given... 

- Summer Music

Summer  ~  Moongate