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Poetry Offerings From Darla Fitzgerald | Poem





Third Row - Second Seat

With Cherries In The Middle

Dandelion's Dignity

Grow Great By Dreams



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Third Row - Second Seat

It's all in the power of thoughts
Silent movies playing in the mind

The film of life, memories of the past
Transcending with the passage of time

Never-ending gift of possibilities
Unfolding on the stage of creativity

Visions of untold hopes and dreams
Recording the heartbeat of their revelations

Episodes of purpose and resolution
Reflecting the soul's design of destiny

Genesis of thought, perceptions of spirit
Silent movies playing in the mind

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With Cherries In The Middle

Upside down world served on a platter
Pineapple rings baked inside a cake

Black and white pictures hidden on pages
Colors painting them without a trace

Shoes slipped on the wrong two feet
Uncertain of which direction to take

Climbing a mountain to reach the top
Discovering below the valley of peace

Rivers flowing to higher energies
Connecting to oceans of all possibilities

Heart directing a symphony of nature
Orchestrating the silent space between thoughts

Life in harmony with the world
Pineapple rings on an upside down cake

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Dandelion's Dignity

Rooted in a camp of native green
Private First Class upon induction
Humble rank of insignificance
Unknown in numbers of profusion
Transformation of radiant energy
Presence of light - courage - strength
Worthy of a higher valued self
Four Star General in a camp of native green

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Grow Great By Dreams

If I could run fast enough
I believe I could fly

Leaving the realities of the world below
Reaching far beyond life as it is known

Wings of aspirations soaring above clouds
Permission of dreams to come true

Galaxies only hearts and souls can discover
Creation of stars illuminating visions of the

I wish I would run fast enough
I believe I would fly

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Ticking of the kitchen clock
Moments measuring in time

Pen composing on lined paper
Ink gliding side to side

Gazing out rain spotted windows
Panes of glass dividing by eight

Sky painting the oceans blue
Clouds floating to set sail

Gentle waves of wind drifting
Sea of grass rising and falling

Tree tops swaying in flowing rhythm
Leaves dancing in golden sunlight

Butterflies hiding in secret places
Songbirds playing follow the leader

Ticking of the kitchen clock
Soul searching for magical wishes

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Calliope whistles and
the music plays.
Children race
to claim their steeds.
Painted favorites are
galloping and keeping time.
Sliding on their poles while
going up and going down.

Lonely, I stand
in a row of black ponies.
My legs are bolted to the floor
and I'm unable to run.
Wishing I was a painted favorite,
going up and down with time.
Longing to know
that I really matter.
Yearning for someone
to show me that they care.

Secret mysteries,
I dream each night.
Discovering the voice
of wisdom within.
Listen to your heart and
believe in your hopes.
the magical surprises of life.

Special purposes are
designed for your creation.
Fulfilling the plan
only you can do.

Afraid of
the up and down, painted horses.
A little girl rides a black pony
that is standing in a row.

Short Bio:
Darla is a retired elementary teacher of twenty-three years from Marshall County, West Virginia.  Her main interests include the love of writing and art.  Through Darla's written words, she hopes to instill inspirational thinking to her readers and touch their emotional consciousness.  Darla presently resides in Ohio with her husband, Bill.  They have two daughters and five grandchildren.
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