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Death Row Inmates Seeking Pen Pals
My name is Edward and I've been on death row for nearly eight years. My stay has been very lonely and stressful to say the least. I am seeking friendship with those who are seriously willing to be a true friend. I need help to get me through my days of solitude. I hope someone out there will be kind and caring enough to respond to my plead. Thank you.
Edward L. Jones #36980
Ely State Prison
Post office Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89031

poem by Edward

My name is Cary, I'm 36, and living a nightmare on death row. Every day the hurt and pain of being alone gets harder to bear. I need a friend. Someone who knows suffering and not having anyone to help them through. I need someone who can be a ray of light in a dark and lonely world. My hobbies are writing poetry and short stories. Other interests include art, music, nature, sports and movies.
Cary Williams #17919
Post Office Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89031
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