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A poem a day to the Millennium December 15, 1999

image of earth spinning


who listens to the Earth?
who now hears her impassioned plea for mercy?
who speaks for the Earth?
who watches as she burns?
who strips her of vital soil,
      teeming wildlife, and helpless trees?

think of eons past
millenniums of slow, ponderous growth
and realize the Earth to be
so much older, wiser than we

feel the Earth breathe and sigh
a living being, one harmonious organism,
so much greater and more lasting than we

splendid diversity,
ever-changing patterns,
interwove, interdependent,
intertwined by life’s essence
yet each plant and creature an individual,
      uniquely precious

who listens to the Earth?
who will now hear her call?
who among her children is worthy to inherit,
to be reformed by her coming natural judgment,
and learn to love again
      her calm and ancient living voice?

- T. H. Keyes

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