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A Lover's Fool | Poem

A Lovers Fool 

The words that I write seem to mean nothing to the people that I know 
If it does not mean anything, then they must be fools 
But I speak too soon, for I am a fool, a fool for love 

I have feelings for people, but I show them too often 
If I show these feelings, they will only get hurt 
No one wants to feel this way 
I have picked up the pieces of my heart many times 

In the years that I have lived 
I have learned that we are blinded by love 
People fall in love with lust 

Lust will break your heart 
It happened to me 
I may look like I am having fun 
But in my mind I am thinking of a relationship 

This relationship is one that I will never forget 
She was a girl of great nature 
She took my heart and ran 
She ran like I have never seen anyone run 
I try to put my guard up, but it seems to fail 
I fell in love with lust, like the times before 
Only to be a lovers fool 

 - Derrell Bosworth 


to music       to Moongate


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