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DOREEN by Mike Glover
I've finally got a girl
And when she moves she glides and all of nature
Stands still to watch her silky passage,
And when she speaks gold
Raining down on everything.
I've finally got a girl
Who loves me and says
There's always time for love, and then
There's time for more, stay with me
And throw the broken stuff away.
I've finally got a girl who
Laughs and the music of it
Sticks in my head like strands
Of crimson cotton candy
All sticky and horribly sweet
On my tongue.
I've finally got a girl who
Never balks at the true worth of things
She smiles and frowns, and the moon does her bidding
Sometimes I'm afraid she only lets me in on it for the passion I can learn
But still, she always does.
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