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 Motherbird Books                    


A story of the Dreamcatcher describes how a shaman 
enter the dream world to entreat help for his tribe's 
children who are having bad dreams. 

When the four elements - air, earth, water and fire - 
and the spider, respond with a plan, the first 
dreamcatcher is conceived. 

This children's book is filled with simple yet appealing illustrations by Mona Woodard that invites the child 
to get out the crayons and color them. 

Perfect bound, 94 pages, $11.95
ISBN #1-883821-11-8
LCN #96-094598

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Attention Teachers



Attention Teachers: Fund Raising Opportunities

        "The Story of the Dreamcatcher" is now available for school fund raisers. Minimum of 100 books for $4.95 each.

        Native American made dreamcatchers are also available; in quantity, as low as $2.00 each.

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