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1967 - 1980

Memorabilia For The Mind

poems from: 
Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, Berkeley, Bolder/Denver

Night At the Straight Theatre
for Janis Joplin

Stoned, Mr. X

October Epitaph
Commemorating the durg-busts of the Grateful Dead

For Helen
Pine St., San Francisco


Colder Days

Boss' Shop

Watch on the Haight
First lunar landing on TV

The Spectrum Veil of Ashbury

The Dream Eaters

The Nation West

Placid Lake

Thoughts of Diana

Today Is Life's Full Song

In September

Snowy Night's Sweet Dream

Days of Long Shadows

Verses For A Columbine Flower Girl

The Golden City In The Sky

My Darling Lives Afar Away
for Sheryl

Dream Lake

For Sue, With Flowers

Ode To Lisa, With Scarlet Hair

Last Song I'll Sing, for Margie

Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars
May 1980

Couplets: Quantrain

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