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ten thousand miles
is not too long
when still finding one
to say yes to
clouds lifting mountains
with covers of snow
any/all hearts can hold
both violin & fiddle
never created to capture
a creature, but to heal

magic is a feeling flying
with all hearts of wings:
tell me what happens when
magic rites brings soda pop
instead of girls dancing,
when one is ejected
from another's dreams?
abuse it & you lose it
even after all the pain
& discipline to own it
(no one ever does)

the rooster will crow three times
as also the bell does ring
brick walls will fall & fall
as we turn & turn
glass pyramids shatter inward
upon the budding king
shame can be no greater
than one's intended goal
how easy to hate the mirror
revealing one soul
demonically seduced

we are all in this together
but the door leads single file
& we will be asked the question
"How were your talents used?"
when our steps are undirected
unconsciousness controls
all that's ever been is here
-- now --
little nazi’s everywhere
little caesars, little nero's

we can not speak in broken words
what words can not convey
bright yellow-green of springtime
promises potential
where the dead horse lay
we will not remember the toiling
when flowers bring perfume
when gentle breezes knowingly
touch our face, comb our hair
here, this one's from Kim
who could not free the tangles

Ogla, with her conch shell calling
one heart, to flutter, once more
from virgin Dawn not knowing
yet the dance and yes
the wheelchair old woman believing
long ago was her last dance
the Goddess holds forever
mementos of these human gifts
the grace that grows the thorns
protects the flower
in every final dance

it's good to know what scary feels
without panic
it's good to test the waters
before they turn to ice
cultural fears give continuity
but i want to know if
another way is possible
"it is," he says,
"the fear of the Unknown"
"it is," she says,
"surrender when you can"

Gahandi did show us the loss
of enthusiasm
when there is no fear there must be
a place fear can not live
essential for humanity to be human
there must be a Sacred
without fear of damnation
even God has no stomach for i think
oblivion is punishment enough
in bloody devolution
refusing to evolve

i fear i've gone too far - finding
love holds me like a dream and i
gasp in the letting go one must
it is enough in life
to find a human heart that hugs
so everlastingly desirous
Pan is not the whole but does
induce the dance and we
who walled the flower thus see
how destructive, seeking to own

when the profane becomes Sacred
the Sacred becomes profane
how the little gods hustle
for new myths & symbols
to feed their fading image
god said himself the devil will reign
one thousand years only & anyone
can last through anything
as long as there is an end and now
we know the neverending lie
of eternal damnation

was for control and greed as was
damning all of nature...it was
to wade through all of...that...
the nurturing Crab
between two worlds holds true
the light that binds us
& every foot that falls
is our own
to pick up and set down
without breaking.

- Summer Music

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