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Poetry Offering From Frances Fanning

Hombres of Santa Fe

     "Jose, I met a lady"
     What more need two men say
     This is a solemn understanding
     Up here in Santa Fe

     We can hunt and fish together
     Take our Harleys for a ride
     But when it comes to women
     Each knows to step aside

     A woman here is precious
     On a pedestal she does sit
     To be stood up for an evening
     Doesn't trouble Jose a bit

     A lady never comes between us
     She spreads sunshine for us all
     We know if there's a problem
     It's mi amigo we will call

     A lady is passion and beauty
     A bit of poetry for our life
     Without the friendship of hermano
     There would be a lot of strife

     In Santa Fe we love our women
     Conquistadoros from the start
     Jose and I will court the ladies
     Knowing they'll break our hearts

     Corazon we give our homage
     Corazon we live and die
     Corazon is all that matters
     For mi amigo, Jose and I

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