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Parting thoughts I offer you. 
Some observations made. 
My time is close, 
my body weak, 
my welcome overstayed. 
Impatient types I know you are. 
I beg indulgence though, 
to tell you of the things I've seen, 
to teach the things I know. 
From little more than animals I've watched your growing race. 
A thousand years, 
a billion tears 
have streaked my wrinkled face. 

Changes in your character. 
A warmth no longer there. 
A friendly nod. 
A helping hand. 
A signal that you care. 
I've watched it fade through passing years. 
Devolving out of style. 
Preoccupied and worrisome, 
you've lost the time smile. 
It made you more than simple beasts and helped your race progress. 
You've lost it though. 
You're colder now. 
You've grown in emptiness. 

From oxen carts to outer space 
you've chased technology. 
You've tricked yourselves. 
It offers much 
but cannot set you free. 
You've learned so many things so fast 
that insight fell behind. 
It's time to rest your tired brains 
and exercise the mind. 
Devote your next millennia to calm, judicious thought. 
Let wisdom grow. 
You'll maybe end 
those nagging wars you fought. 

Secret truths of governments. 
I've watched them through the years. 
The broken words, 
the bloody paths, 
the horrors and the tears. 
Your highest crimes of history, 
your wars and genocide's. 
They've all been born in ruling minds 
where madness often hides. 
Lead yourselves through coming years that governments may fade. 
Your need for rule. 
It gives them cause 
to force their dark charade. 

I hear my young successor's steps. 
Impatient in his youth. 
I take my leave. 
I pray my words 
create a greater truth. 
So use your knowledge sparingly 
and spread your wisdom thick. 
Inherent dangers hide behind 
advances made too quick. 
Release the Human warmth you hide and learn from what you see. 
You're leader's laws. 
They'll slowly fade 
into morality. 

© 1999 MadGerman

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