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Poetry offerings from Finder


   EARTH  . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   Mother Nature spits us out 
   In many shapes and forms 
   Like a sunrise up at daybreak 
   A new beginning every morn. 

   Every day she offers us 
   A bounty of new life 
   Don't you often wonder 
   Why we cause her strife? 

   So many things that we can do 
   To open up our minds 
   The Earth has treated us lovingly 
   Even though we're not so kind. 

   If any one asks you outright 
   Or if you would care to look 
   Treat our mother with great care 
   As you would an ancient book. 

   AIR . . . . . . . . . . . .       . . .

   Nitrogen and oxygen 
   Swirling all about 
   When blown through the hair 
   It causes one to shout. 

   What a fantastic mystery 
   That we just cannot see 
   Such a majestic force 
   That affects both you and me. 

   Stirring all the flowers 
   Across such colorful sights 
   Almost makes for us forgetting 
   When air shows its powerful might. 

   Without air's perfect mixture 
   What could we possibly do? 
   Our atmosphere is like an aquarium 
   Giving life to me and you. 

   FIRE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

   Fire burning brightly 
   Strengthens the soul 
   Like fires in the forest 
   Sometimes burn out of conrol 

   Sharing out weaknesses 
   When others are around 
   Makes learning come easier 
   Than burning to the ground 

   Such a symbol you are to us 
   Fire burning such light 
   How we can learn from you 
   As you show us such might 

   We hope for the good fires 
   And know where they start 
   It happens in each of us 
   And radiates from the heart.

   WATER. . . . . . . . . . . .

  90 % of mankind 
  Is made of little drops 
  All the other minerals 
  Only act as holding props. 

  Our bodies are amazing 
  Liquid as they are 
  With brains and thoughts and feelings 
  They take us to the stars. 

  Rain falls from the heavens 
  To quench our thirsty souls 
  We sop it up like sponges 
  To reach our lofty goals 

  Oceans are a pleasure 
  To swim and all that stuff 
  Water, water every where 
  We just can't get enough. 

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