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The irresolute intimidation of time

    unreigned and distorted

       yet-the-more for our futile efforts

          to corral and tame it

The unpredictable sea, this time

    that ebbs and swells

       tossing and sifting those dreams

          that once felt so different

The resonant, undying echo

    reborn, reassigned

       rediscovered, released

         in which life thrives

And our insatiable questing

    and gnawing at the fabric of it.

This is then what brings us here

  to what ever cross-roads this might be.

To all manner of proposal that lay 

    before us

      our resolve is seduced and taunted

        as if each knows our true heart

As if we had no previous purpose

    or knowledge nor experience

       as seems obvious in need

         to have brought us thus far

"Tis the personal nature of "vision"

     that gives such forcefulness

        -- it is in common vision

          that we become most personally


Vision is our way to see around time

    to penetrate the endless-ness

       to create and recreate

         the texture of our future.

We are thus the future

    the possibilities by which reality

       is steered and guided

         towards those visions

Or toward ultimate chaos

     if the scourge of ancient

       and dying thought-forms

         is not over-come and cured

This is forsooth a colloid

    a nexus, a bunching of time

       the window through which

         is reached such higher visions

That which dwells on this threshold

    the hysterical armies of our 

      outmoded ways

         are making one last stand

        which we are hurried to transcend.

But not so hurried that we forget

   and abandon that of the past

     which has none-the-less served us 


    and correctly brought us thus-far.

For truly we will become the keepers

   the guardians of that which was

      righteously salvaged

        from our often tortured path

Our strength is that future

    from which these visions are 


   and those past through whom

      spirit was able to manifest

Invincible is the army

    which shoulders its common vision

       in a deeply personal way

          behind the flag of the future.

- Paul Malécot
to Paul
to Moongate