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  little flower
  creating beauty out of pain
  may our eternal Mother hold you
  too many years in desert with no rain
  even on burning land in searing sun
  still you blossom in  dust-devil eye

  let me sing your cell song now
  lone red star in the west will lead
  swaying in my chair the rhythm
  a lullaby to all the embryos
  air born by many colored birds
  to foreign lands by ships of dreams

  some flowers produce many seeds
  some -- only a few
  it is not by numbers creation evolves
  it is intent
  that germinate the seeds

  i have seen the white prickly poppy
  felt the small needles that warn
  but do not prick
  known broken stem with white sap flowing
  and still and yet...
  your white petals flutter
  with the slightest breeze i

  praise the bird that ate the fruit that carried
  the seeds to yet untamed/unnamed places

  humbled, i am delivered 
  to my own garden
  safer than a Noah's ark

  flowers, like all life forms, bloom of intent,
  to bliss a passer-by

    - Summer Music
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