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A quiet warm space

     without unseen, unanticipated

      parameters / conditions

A gentle reception

     that leaves me no fear

      of what might escape

          unguarded lips

A joyous surprise

     that knows unbidden

      what lies so deeply in my heart

          that I dare rarely visit

A feather blown softly

    in the eye of a tornado

A seed-cone help buoyant

    in the raging flood

A little boy running naked

    back through the blizzard

     into a hot sulfur pool

A first meeting of forever

    a glance held transfixed

     in the overwhelm of realization

        that this is the heart and spirit

     only vaguely dreamt

    whose wings and yours

     shall enfold each other

      in eternal dance and revelation

When this to me has come to pass

    it will show, unspoken

     in all that flows my eyes, my lips, my pen.

- Paul Malécot

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