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fox and friends | Poem

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letters "friends" reject

17 October 2002

100% vote for Saddham and you all yoke yoke
here is a history lesson:
the eastern mind knows
"know thy enemy"
they learn english
how to 'fit in'
the western mind believes they are the greatest
their Christianity teaches "love thy enemy"
buthey, someone else died for their sins
the western mind
does not understand tribalism
nor brotherhood
(but sisterhood is on the rise)
oh blue eyed blond with unmatched eyes
watching foxfriends without sound
body language speaks the truth
behind those windows which are the soul
if there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
revealed would be King George's lies
if there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
and if Saddham is evil personified as Bush & pundits declare
terrorism could know no bounds
this morning CNN was compliant ; rattling our nuclear capabilities
held for 40 years ; aimed at Russia
where are they aimed now?
the most horrific "mass destruction" of humans guess
who proved they would use these weapons?
thus opening the box
North Korea announces they have the atomic bomb
which country will be next?

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