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Ghost Walkers and Other Patriots or: If the Helmet Fits... | Poem


Ghost Walkers and Other Patriots
or:  If the Helmet Fits...


I dreamed I saw
Darth Vadar last night
Ghost walking through
For all eternity
Looking for the secret numbers
of his Swiss bank account.

"All gone, all gone,"
he moaned
his head in his hands.
"The horror, the horror,
to be dead and broke."

"What's it like
to be Evil, Darth,"
I asked
but Darth said
he knew nothing of Evil
until he met
The Boy
The Pirate
The Princess
and the Wookie.
"I just wanted to control
the universe,"
he whispered.

The storm troopers
stood behind him
in stiff lines wondering when
they would get to go home.

I ripped the mask off one
and woke up screaming.
I didn't want to be
a Storm Trooper
in this movie.
I hope I was

- Daisy Sidewinder

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