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Mike Glover Responds to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Poem


Mike Glover Responds to Robert F. Kennedy Jr,

            This is Saturday, June third. Yesterday an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was published in Rolling Stone magazine. This article, which details allegations of vote tampering and other GOP misconduct in the 2004 elections, particularly in Ohio, contains the most comprehensive and irrefutable evidence to date that the 2004 presidential election was stolen. I’m checking my news sources this morning expecting to see lead stories about the allegations in this article. Not a peep. Yesterday the CNN television version ran a short piece about it in the middle of the afternoon but there is nothing on their website today. Likewise there is no mention on the web from FOX or any of the major networks on TV or online. The non- mainstream news sources both conservative and liberal that I check in on nearly everyday seem to be avoiding this subject too. That figures. A major bombshell packed with proof that the GOP has been caught actively subverting American democracy and the story gets buried on a Friday afternoon at the end of the weekly news cycle. This is not unusual and only serves to debunk the myth of the “liberal” press.

            This conservative coup that has taken over Washington has certainly done an admirable job of propaganda control. Stalin would be proud. They have somehow convinced a sizeable portion of American citizens that their news can’t be trusted. Rush Limbaugh is a good example. His latest rant is against what he terms the “drive by media,” implying of course that any news source but himself is simply irresponsible in its coverage. This is his way of saying that any news story which seems to support anything other than his ultra-conservative viewpoint is invalid. In keeping with the old adage that if you say anything often enough and with enough conviction people will come to believe it, Rush disguises this tripe as catchy, little, humorous sound bites for his listeners so they never have to think too hard about what he’s saying. It’s easier for them to believe it this way. Likewise, FOX NEWS has captured a large segment of America with their dumbed down, glossy versions of the headlines. FOX is all about the packaging. Their style of news reporting actually insults the intelligence of the average American, so it’s amazing that it hasn’t backfired on them. I will give them credit for their huge marketing gamble in launching this new style of “reporting” back in 1996. It could have been a marketing disaster but look at the success it has become. This success has nothing to do with FOX being more “fair and balanced” than other news sources although they have worked very hard to convince their viewers of this. It’s all about the packaging. The next time you sit down to watch FOX News ask yourself if all the color and graphics and, “swooshes,” and dramatic sound effects don’t remind you just a little bit of a stroll through the mall. Also, the next time you hear Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity, John Gibson, or any of the other pundits giving you their opinions, snap out of your daze for a moment and ask yourself if just for a minute there you might have been thinking they were reporting the “news” to you.

            This complacency that Americans have been lulled into by the right wing pundits is dangerous and is an insidious step towards fascism. In a supposedly open and free society like America simply shutting down any opposing viewpoints to the government would be too transparent. They know this so they’ve developed a plan to go about it slowly. First they convince you that all news other than the government’s (meaning of course the GOP’s) official talking points is simply invalid. Then they will tell you that invalid news reporting, especially in times of war, is subversive and criminal. The next step of course is a state crackdown on the free press and from there it’s so long America. Think it can’t happen here? I’d like to say “hide and watch” but it would appear based upon the ratings of FOX NEWS that many Americans are already doing that.

            Back to the Rolling Stone article. I know that an article written by a Kennedy of all people, published in Rolling Stone magazine no less, smacks of radical liberalism just by the sound of it. I challenge anybody with an open mind to give the article a chance though. It is very informative and full of what appears to be rock solid evidence that George W. Bush is not in fact the duly elected President of the United States. If what Kennedy says in this article is true, and at the very least it all needs to be investigated (again!), then we are in a Constitutional crisis of the highest order and something must be done to rectify the situation. For the time being the article can be accessed online at:


but I’m not sure how long this link will remain active. If it becomes inactive, a search for the June edition of RS should provide an archive, or of course a person could read the article the old fashioned way by picking up the magazine.





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