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Notes to God's Learning Channel | Poem


Notes to 
God's Learning Channel

8  June 2008
Dave Hunt  Lies

  Green Peace is not funded  by oil companies
  they have 250,000 members in the US and 2.5  million world wide
  that is the virtual reality of their funding otherwise known as
  GRASS ROOTS efforts

  it was a lie to say there has never been a democracy in the middle east
  there was democracy in Iran under Mosaddeq until 1953
  when the US replaced him  with the Shah of Iran
  which any history buff is aware of the FULL story...

  it may be true that humans have the God given right to defend
  their families and home but
  God did/does NOT give them the right to push other humans
  out of their home
  to make it their own and why are you surprised
  THEY TOO have the right to defend themselves?
  Israel has atomic bombs
  Palestine has stones...
  Israel Jews can no more claim their hands are clean of the blood
  of all of the Palestinians they have killed, maimed and today
  think to starve the Palestinians in Gaza to lay  down their stones
  even as  Dave Hunt speaks
  even as I write
  settlements in the West Bank grow...

  but and ya sure...
  "Judgment Day" is for Dave Hunt too!

10 September 2007

Program #0511

It was a grand presentation of the history of Nimrod, thank you
And the classical style music, not half bad
but how many of the viewers of God's Learning Channel
caught IT
when the moderator told where the Arabs exiled to?
I did
"exiled to Palestine"
and how many now remember
several earlier broadcast programs
"There has never been a country called Palestine."
The road from Galilee to Damascus
is also the road from Damascus to Galilee
and the sword cuts both ways.

O Jeffe
28 June 2007

wants less abortions
cause we need more workers
which causes our immigration problem
those  more workers
are our children
like us
they want a living wage
now don't you know
Corporations shiver at the thought
of raising workers wages
and ol' Jeffe
he will build small little circles
on the West Bank
one circle at a time
believing he's got a better idea
to bring about the return of Jesus
it is the essence of Jesus
that needs to return
as it does with every birth
even as this essence can be found
everywhere you look
if only
you and yours look up
from the lint
of your navel
listen to the lonely yip of the pup
calling for his family
Jews have always loved Arabs
like old friends, they forgave one another
the Holocaust
was  the ultimate in shame and degradation
the Arabs didn't do it
it is the Smug grab for power
(whether mundane or profane)
that in the Grabbing process
may cause the destruction of this Earth
Divine Intelligence
 (you call God).

2 April 2007 - Oh Tommie, the UN is NOT 99.9% Muslim Rabin Clinton Arafat
1 April - Look Brad! See Arafat Does shake hands with his right.

Reading Lessons for Al and Tommie

12 March 2007

Listen Tommie...
Ram Dass is NOT pronounced Rām Dāss
and slow down...
I'm sure you did not even notice
that you pronounced Barack Obama
as Barack Osama
and listen up...
Cody Posey did not murder his family
because he, on occasion, smoked marijuana,
even if you find that easier to believe
than the fact that Cody's father was physically
and sexually abusive.

NO, Al,
New Mexico will not come to aid your FEAR
of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes
with our compassion we will treat addiction for what it is
an illness, not a CRIME...
from personal experience
million's of Americans have smoked marijuana
and we/they KNOW it does NOT
cause a person to become violent.

Further...your proposal for politicians to pay
to get their jobs, then work as volunteers,
like our found fathers, leaves out the fact that
these wealthy "volunteers" had leisure time
and more, ask the question why
400 MILLION dollars are spent obtaining
the "job" of presidency that only pays $400,000?


24 February 2007

not battlecry.org (not for profit)
not battlecry.edu (for education)
but .com (commercial)

Fox News' Ron Luce will take you there
away from "Victoria showing all her secrets"

"Branded by God" Luce has the multitude shout
(I know what Ron is short for, do they know
what Luce is short for?)

Shouting further:
"I want the cross"

then warns,
"Have a friend help you to stay with it."

next Luce takes an old favorite,
"There is nothing you can do to take me away from my gal"
and changes it to "...my Christ"

The mission is to save a whole generation because only 4%
of them have a chance to grow up Christian.
That's the good news.

and finally,
"We're not gonna let you guys describe our culture anymore!"

86% of this generation holds a mirror up, to "your" culture
look there goes Bill O'Reilly with his flafful
here comes Swaggart with his awful
confession - tell me about "your" culture
where preachers practice homosexuality while they condemn it
and altar boys are scarred for life

jump and scream, kneel and weep,
you will not "Capture the hearts of this generation"
there is the question of which of the multitude of Christian sects
to follow...
or .com
and if you remember...try to remember the ONLY time
our gentle Jesus displayed anger
was the money changers in the temple.

27 January 2007

O Israel we understand your reasons "why"
but your "why" does not forgive your actions
Like a mother to a child i tell you
O Israel you have never been, and will never be,
all right or all wrong (nor will Palestine)
yes your culture has been wronged griveous ly
Your wannabe next Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to a Christian Evangelical
on "God's Learning Channel" today said that
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
wants to have 250 nuclear bombs in 10 years
but more, much more, Mahmoud, you accuse,
wants to rebuild the Persian Empire.
And Benjamin would be Alexander the Great; wishes
to use the UN to Bring Ahmadinejad to trial for
"Inciting genocide"
It was the Persians who did not kill the Jews;
allowing them to return to Israel
Pardonnnez-moi! "Inciting genocide"??!?
When you put your stick in a hornet's nest,
kill 650,000 and counting,wasps, and add to that
a Crescent of more wasp nests,
and your stick turns into a nuclear snake,
it is YOU Benjamin Ahmadinejad,
who is "Inciting genocide"!

Questions, Mr. Wannabe next Prime Minister:

1) Why did Israel refuse to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
2) Why does Israel keep Mordechai Vanunu in jail when, after all,
we all know Israel has about 250 nuclear weapons?

Two hundred and fifty???
Ben! Oh Ben! it is a looking glass
Are you really ready
to go down that hole?

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