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The Long Green Cat | Poem


The Long Green Cat

   I remember a story from when I was young 
   Sitting on my father’s knee 
   The tale of the long green cat 
   Dad described him so vividly! 
   Old green would slither up and down a pole 
   Then wrap around totally 
   There was magic in the fable of the long green cat 
   As dad told it with levity 

   I greeted my father after  his work 
   To hear of the famous chat verte 
   Old green came to light, in the yarn of the night 
   As a three year old listened with care 

   Moulding his words, with care and delight 
   Dad talked in a stately way 
   Presenting some facts that he’d heard from the cat 
   And the lessons he’d learned on that day 

   Seems Long Green wore glasses, on top of his head 
   Just in case he would need them to read 
   He studied of course, at the pace of a horse 
   As he purred with content and with speed 

   He was very athletic, this foxy old tom 
   With his hair standing straight up on end 
   He’d bounce and he’d play, till the end of the day 
   Then eat catnip till his body would bend 

   Then he’d wrap round a pole, in variable ways 
   To gather some attention, the old ham 
   He’d meow in delight, in the wee hours of night 
   And sing songs of love to his Madame! 

   I will remember this legend and the way it was told 
   Forever inside of my thoughts 
   They are sweet recollections of long ago times 
   When the old, long green cat, once did walk 

- Charlotte Mair

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