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hebah | Poem



Feeling the Dark

it's very easy pretending to be happy all the days
when the sun fills in rays
but when you are all alone,
so on your own
when the sun goes down
and the dawn seems too far
when we remember who we really are
it's hard to pretend
when all masks are off
and we reveal our real
and the times get rough
when tired of smiling all day
it's comfortable to cry
let your tears
wash your soul
purify your fears
feel connected to the world
that you can hear the all
see the all
and feel the all
but yet though you still feel alone in the universe
like it's only you on earth
it's in the dark when the pain
softly escapes thru the palm of your hand
and the light in your eyes,
whispers and dies.

short bio:

Hebah Galal is a13 years old female and Egyptian. She has been writing things (diaries,essays,short stories) since age 8 or 9 but only started writing poems last year. She has always been fascinated by the potential that could be generated from choosing right
words at right place and time. Her favourite poets are Edgar Allan Poe, John Keats, William Blake, and Omar Khayyam. She enjoys reading, websurfing, listening to music, and sometimes dancing. English is her second language.

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