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hoffmann | Poem


His Critics 

Paul Kesler


    I take love lightly, but I'll answer thee,
    A bow-legged mannequin can't interest me;

    I take love lightly, but for true romance,
    No corybantic zombie stands a chance;

    I take love lightly, but a mansard roof,
    looks strange upon a pole, and stands aloof;

    I take love lightly, but when sapling eyes
    are framed by a pair of levers, they're no prize;

    I take love lightly, but a face of frost
    snowflaked on the windows comes at astronomic cost;

    I take love lightly, but the touch of tin,
    rides herd on the nether regions, and bangs the shins;

    I take love lightly, but in point of fact;
    a Duchess of Tomatoes won't make a decent pact;

    I take love lightly, but the sweetest tune,
    from the middle of a toadstool in the month of June,

    Won't spare me all the agonies I've sweated here,
    Up in the ivory tower with the smoke and beer.

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